Santino Figliomeni, owner of Napa Valley Custom Kitchens, began work in the carpentry business. Over time, he worked his way into custom home renovation and impressed high-end clientele with the exquisite quality of his kitchen, bathroom, closet and other designs.

A master craftsman with over 25 years of experience, Santino knows how how to connect the physical remodelling and building process with the vision and design needs of home-owners. This is a quality he works hard to instill in all employees of Napa Valley.

No request is beyond our skill-set; we accommodate all exotic woods, we build framed and frameless designs, we can create beautiful European overlays. We work closely with interior designers because we know that with their insight and our woodwork, your project will be the highest possible quality. Our work is polished and refined and suitable for the taste of our clients.

Serving the Greater Toronto Area

We are located in the Vaughan area where we serve communities like Kleinburg and Woodbridge, but we are in no way limited to this region. We work all throughout the greater Toronto area, including but not limited to: Oakville, RichmondHill, and Forest Hill. Though this is our primary service area, we are always willing to go outside of this region and we gladly accept business from all over.


Every house can be judged by the style of its kitchen. Trust our designers to create a kitchen worthy of praise and full of elegance.


Update an outdated closet with a brand new lavish design and layout. By remodelling you can change a closet from old and tired to modern and spacious.


The style of your bathroom can change the whole ambiance of the room. Trust our craftsmanship to design a bathroom beauty.


Living rooms, dining rooms, custom vanities- we work collaboratively to design and create rooms in the exact style you want.